Welcome to my web page. I am a general orthopedic surgeon working long-term assignments in the rural United States. I obtained my medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. After years as a Navy flight surgeon and a civilian clinical research consultant, I completed my residency in orthopedic surgery at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. After fellowship, I voluntarily returned to active duty in the Navy for an additional 4 years, including a 7-month deployment to the US Navy-operated Role 3 Combat Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Since transitioning back to the Navy Reserve, I have worked as a general orthopaedic surgeon in various areas around the country. I am now a Retired Reservist in the US Navy and currently working long-term travel orthopaedic assignments. 

I have worked for four of the last six years in areas in the US with critical need of orthopedic surgery services. During that time I realized that the vast majority of conditions I treat are preventable. I often discuss dietary and lifestyle changes in order to address chronic health issues that are not orthopedic in nature but that have orthopedic implications. Although individual dietary recommendations may be tailored for each patient, I generally recommend a wholesome animal-centered diet with the elimination of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and vegetable seed oils. Where necessary, I advocate for a carnivore elimination diet for the patient to learn what dietary aspects may be causing inflammation or pain. My treatment goals are to improve the musculoskeletal and overall health as well as longevity of my patients by advocating for wholesome food changes to patients’ diets as well as encouraging a more active lifestyle.

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